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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Firefox configuration tweaks

Lifehacker has a great roundup of helpful tweaks you can make to the best browser on the planet, which just got better. The Firefox homepage calls the web browser "fully customizable to your online life," and that's not just marketing claptrap.
Beyond the extensive options available in its menus and dialogs, there's a lengthy set of advanced Firefox preferences that can customize the browser to your specific needs.
Just visit Geek to Live in order to get some really usefull tweaks.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Who are China's Top Internet Cops?

The administration in charge of China's Internet gatway access restriction is a bureau under the Ministry of Information Industry, its full title is "National Management Center of Internet and Information Security" 国家计算机网络与信息安全管理中心. It is located at a building 1000 meters northeast of Madian Bridge, third north ring road, in Beijing. The head is Fang Binxing, (方滨兴) who used to be a teacher at the Internet center of Harbin Institute of Technology, and was picked up by the ministry’s Zhang Chunjiang to manage Internet censorship.
The so-called “Information Gateway” they are working on consists of a large number of servers sitting on the international interfaces of China's Internet. The gateways monitor the information flow, and send out fake TCP packages to cut the TCP connections as soon as specific keywords are detected.
The organizations executing the gateway project are a few companies owned by Harbin Institute of Technology. Another company called VenusTech Ltd." (启明星辰信息技术有限公司) is also involved in the manufacture of a set of backup facilities.
Witnessing the remarkable accomplishments and benefits of Ministry of Information Industry's Information Gateway project, the Ministry of Public Security has been getting jealous. It then considered imposing monitoring on all provincial and municipal Internet interfaces and on the interfaces of large-scale IDCs. The ministry invested a huge amount of money on their own project. A friend of mine recently attended one of their tests on IDC monitoring facilities.
As soon as the system is put into service, all behaviors of Chinese Internet users will be recorded in the huge storage. Your online account, password, and conversation records will be under tight surveillance. And your online behavior can be traced back up to a year.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Self-assembling gel stops bleeding in seconds

Swab a clear liquid onto a gaping wound and watch the bleeding stop in seconds. An international team of researchers has accomplished just that in animals, using a solution of protein molecules that self-organise on the nanoscale into a biodegradable gel that stops bleeding.
If the material works as well in humans, it could save thousands of lives and make surgery far easier in many cases, surgeons say. Read more...

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Saturday, October 07, 2006


I found WriteToMyBlog very usefull - the best blogging interface around. Check it out.
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Monday, October 02, 2006

cirKus 'laylow'

The music has been around for a year, they are touring France in October / November & I just got hold of the album while they are making their way at Amazon's global stores.
The band presents itself: "What happens when you mix a house-bound, turntablist/classical guitarist, an infamous record producer; a genre-defining superstar and a teenager with a voice beyond her years?
cirKus - A blend of acoustic and electric guitars, beats and the unique interplay of three very distinct voices. Their debut album ‘laylow’ is the first release on tent music. it’s been described as ‘broken soul’ but is groove based and soothing too… these are troubled times, cirKus are troubled people.. can you relate? "
Smallfish Records in London said: "As soon as you put this on a few things leap out at you. The first thing is the quality... it's immaculately produced from beginning to end. The second thing is that this could really be quite a big album and turn Cirkus into a pretty well known act. Their sound is equal parts Hip Hop and beats and with reference points such as Massive Attack, Tricky and even, to a certain extent, the work of Erykah Badu, you get a fine, fine selection of cuts that are accessible, yet odd enough at times to retain an underground feel. The vocalists are earthy and real sounding and notably Neneh Cherry makes an appearance with her sultry tones. If you'[re after something downbeat-ish with enough balls to actually say something, you should definitely give this a go..."
I'm sure that Karmil, Burt Ford, Neneh Cherry and Lolita Moon wrote that album just for me. The song "Your such an ..." is definitely for me ;-).
It is a breathtaking album that you should try to grab.
Listen and let go.

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