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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Replace Your Desktop PDF Viewer With PDFMeNot

PDFMeNot bypasses the need to for separate PDF reader application. Instead it opens PDF's right inside your browser. Praised as "a nicer way of linking to PDF's," plug in the URL of a PDF and PDFMeNot will webify the document and make it viewable in-browser, as well as offer embed code to include the PDF into any web page...
...and it rocks!
I've installed the Firefox Plugin and may never download another PDF again. Unless I want to search inside it, keep it for my records etc. You can use a Bookmark let which does the same for all browsers.
You can also easily use PdfMeNot to link to an existing PDF file. Just say you wanted to link to:"
- Use this link instead:". You can use PDFMeNot for publishing and embedding PDF documents like this:

It is at the moment not possible to use keyboard navigation, view thumbnail previews, and actually scroll the content with your mouse's scroll wheel with PdfMeNot.
For more advanced web publishing options I recommend the more powerful Scribd iPaper. Scribd can handle many document types (doc, xls, ppt, pdf etc.) and is specially build for this reason.
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