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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Top Web Applications 2006

Calendar: 30Boxes
“It is safe to say 30 Boxes will be to calendars what GMail was to Email.” – “call it Flickr for calendars and you won’t be far off the mark” – “what I thought was going to be a boring pitch on a calendar instead turned out to be one of the most exciting social network tools I’ve seen in a long time.”
Very simple, very cool and always at least one step ahead of Google’s calendar application.

Personalized Startpage: Netvibes
is a custom made web 2.0 home page solution. It’s a free service that gives the users the ability to create a personalized startpage with the content they like. You can put together data feeds and services from web 2.0 with a very simple interface. You can browse, modify, and import your RSS feeds with our integrated RSS/ATOM feedreader. You can easily import an OPML file as well. You can import, download and listen podcasts without any additional software and check your mail on one or many Gmail, Yahoo or pop account, create stick webnotes and much more… - it’s the number one of its kind.

Photo sharing: Bubbleshare
At BubbleShare believes in simplicity. There are other photo sharing services, each with its own emphasis on what's important. BubbleShare provides the easiest
photo sharing service on the planet. Hassle-free, fast, fun. That's BubbleShare.

Feedreader: Google Reader
Simply the Feedreader that outdistanced the rest of the pack after the overhaul it got in 2006. (The Greasemonkey script providing the Gmail integration just rocks!)

Online file conversion:
Zamzar is a great new service that allows you to convert your computer files online for free. It allows you to convert documents, images, videos and music files and share them with frie
nds. The amount of formats that Zamzar handles is huge. Check it out.

Social Networking:
I must confess that MySpace should win this category but I want to draw the attention to the biggest Confession room in the world. Here you have the opportunity to build your reputation within the community as a Heavenly angel or a doomed devil. Your journey to enlightenment on both sides begins with your confessions. Its fun and its much more than that – just try it.

DNS / networking : OpenDNS
Free domain name service Open DNS speeds up your web surfing sessions and protects you from phishing sites. OpenDNS provides free DNS server addresses which you enter on your home router or within your computer's network settings. It turbocharges surfing, it blocks phishing sites and auto-corrects URL typos (try for every one who uses it. OpenDNS makes the Internet experience safer, faster and smarter for using their network.

VOIP / Call center / Phones:
Your personal or companies advanced online call center. PBX is a hosted application that runs like a voice box or an email server in a data centre. The free version features: Ring Groups, Call Pickup, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Local Dial plan, Click to Dial, Status Panel, Call Monitor, Advanced Transfers, Call Parking, Music on hold, Conferences, Call thru, Complex Dial Rules. This one is not so easy to use but it has some outstanding features. Check it out.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Don't Forget To Use The Holiday Party Excuse Generator

If you can't bear the thought of yet another boring holiday party but lack the words to effectively duck the invitation, the Holiday Party Excuse Generator can help.
Conducted by an amusingly animated snowman in a snow globe, the Generator asks you series of questions about the party, your feelings about the host and the desired tone of the excuse. It then cranks out a personalized excuse letter that ranges from sincere to, well, let's just say you won't be getting an invite next year.
If you approve of the letter, you can e-mail it to the host. Do it - you should use this for real, it's a fun, amusing and 'useful' tool.
This was seized 4 u at Lifehacker
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Water flows on Mars, before our very eyes?

18:00 06 December 2006, news service:
Liquid water has flowed on the surface of Mars within the past five years, suggest images by the now lost Mars Global Surveyor (MGS). The results appear to boost the chances that Mars could harbour life.In 1999, MGS spotted gullies carved on the sides of Martian slopes. Thousands of gullies have been imaged since then, most recently by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) (see Stunning snaps from the best camera ever sent to Mars).
Many scientists believe the gullies were carved by liquid water, although others have argued they are due to avalanches of carbon dioxide gas or rivers of dust. The gullies appear to have formed sometime in the past several hundred thousand years, since impact craters have not accumulated on top of them. But exactly how long ago material flowed through them has not been clear. Now, new flows have appeared in two of the gullies monitored by MGS, showing that they have been active within the past several years.
Allan Treiman of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas, US, agrees that something flowed recently to make the observed changes. But he is not convinced that water was involved. "There is no direct evidence of water in the images – only that something flowed downhill. My money is on sand and dust, because there's lots and lots of sand and dust on Mars."Read more...
This was seized 4 u at New Scientist
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