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Monday, February 06, 2006

about Reseize

Reseize was created because I needed some personal brainjogging.
It was soon apparent that other equal minded persons seemed to be
poled the same way and where attracted to the same kind of nerdy stories.
It happened that this website evolved to be a site about science-, photo- & internet- news.
Most of the content found wherever we hang around and reused (refreshed) <- Therefore the name has no commercial ambiton and will stay a newsletter for the ones of us
which just share interests & the content of this site is solely decided by its participants which are:
Steve, who is working near the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago which makes him the farsighted guy.
Robin, the globetrotter with home base in Copenhagen, Denmark & the only one with a background in journalism and science.
Roland, is this wise guy salutating from Frankfurt in Germany.

If you want to commend or even participate at with stories. Just contact us at via Email.