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Saturday, October 07, 2006


I found WriteToMyBlog very usefull - the best blogging interface around. Check it out.
(This is an Example Post Created Using WriteToMyBlog)IMG_0256
You can use WriteToMyBlog to get control over your posts. You can use
headings, fonts, sizing, positing, color, highlights, wrapping, linking and so on. If you want more control over the way your Blog displays its content then use WriteToMyBlog , it's feature packed but still easy and familiar.

Are you a good speller? I'm a terrible speller, but it's a lot easier having our built-in AJAX multilingual spell checker. Didn't understand what I just said, don't worry all you need to know is it works. Try it out for yourself.

Heard of tagging? Get's a little tiresome having to insert the HTML code manually; we'll you can now tag the easy way, just type them in the tag field.

The Easy Way to Have Tables in Your Posts

WriteToMyBlog Makes Adding

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