Terminator Ted

About Terminator Ted:
The band was founded 1987 in Copenhagen as result of A Taste Of Red. Taking a new approach by incorporating theatrical-, movie- and All-In-One-Installation-Events into the live acts. The music got a bit more brutal but sophisticated. The first live appearance of Terminator Ted was voted ‘best live act of the year’ and the band culminated with the multicultural event on the Green Stage at the Roskilde Festival. The core members were Rolli, Pehr Moeller, Gordon Inc., Tina Randa and Lone Skovgaard.
You can download the album ‘Test Turn Change’ here, the last three recordings here and some live tracks from the Roskilde Festival right here.
The Festival appearance was recorded on a crappy home video, with a camera 55 meters away from the stage and you can find parts of that and a recording from Mathias Laisbo made at the farewell concert at Rust here.
Terminator Ted Lineup:
Gordon Inc.: Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Pehr Moeller : Lead Guitar (& Fx), Tina Randa: Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Lone Skovgaard: Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Lars Bjerre: Guitars, Tue: Percussion, Jens Violin, Else Gu: Painter, Boerge: Painter, Kom De Bagfra: Specials, Rolli: Bass & Fx.
Terminator Ted Credits:
Rolli, Gordon Inc., Pehr Moeller, Tina Randa, Lone Skovgaard, Lene Klit (photos), Mathias Laisbo and Per Elbke (videos).