A Taste Of Red

About A Taste Of Red:
The three of us teamed up 1983 and recorded a track the first day we played together. The title of our first recording was ‘A Taste Of Red’. We changed that to ‘As Time Goes Bye’ and took the original song title at as our band name…
Is it a joke?
Is it a different language?
Is it the gap between two chips in the mind of a mad-man?
Is it a work of art?
If so – who is the artist – you or me?
Why do question-marks occur a lot?
Does the clock function while we sleep?
Is is true that longing possesses more beauty than fulfillment?
Why is all the cooking done in the kitchen?
Is television a thing from real life?
What the hell are we doing here?
Who are we doing it to?
The car is a Toyota – can we assume that the wheel of the car is the wheel of a Toyota?

Very well confused by you and me
A Taste Of Red
You can download an A Tast Of Red compilation right here.

A Taste Of Red Lineup and Credits:
Rolli, Klaus Hornbaek, Pehr Moeller.
All trax were recorded with the tape deck at the Red Home and produced by A Taste Of Red. Except ‘To Be’, Temple’, ‘Don’t Know’ and ‘He Wants’ which were recorded at Media Sound and produced by Peter Brander.