The Magnificent 7

About The Magnificent 7:
The band was founded 1991 in Copenhagen as result of A Taste Of Red & Terminator Ted. Turning from the ‘all-in-one theatrical’ Terminator Ted approach into a more pop oriented way of making music. The Magnificent 7 was in fact founded out of a birthday song project started as part of the Filthy Few Power Gang. The core members were Rolli, Else Gu and Pehr Moeller
You can download The Magnificent 7 ‘1st Takes’ here and the studio recordings from the album ‘Secrets 5’ as part of Radi8’s ‘Alteration’ right here.
The only video ever made by The Magnificent 7 is here.
The Magnificent 7 Press Reviews:
On the album Secrets 5 we get a big surprise. Out of the ashes of the great multimedia monster Terminator Ted rises the beautifull pop-phoenix Radi8 presenting their first five songs. On one hand very different – very popish with a more straight forward sound – yet still very innovative with many strange ideas and multiethnic soundscapes. The best example is ‘I Wonder’ with its great lyrics and hookline, but also including soundscapes i´ve never heard before… ‘Belief’ is an alternative hip hop symphony with this everchanging hookline, rap, banjo, sitar, japanese koto… – Is this a harmonic popsong, possible and a hit? – YES!
The Magnificent 7 Lineup:
Else Gu : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Pehr Moeller : Lead Guitar (& Fx), Arendse Gudmand Hoeyer: Backing Vocals, Katja Zai Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Alexandra Wind : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Martin Bregnhoi : Percussion, Bo Hauge Laursen: Lead Guitar , Rolli: Bass & Fx.
The Magnificent 7 Credits:
Rolli, Else Gu, Pehr Moeller, Helle Christensen, Klaus Hornbaek, Henrik Balling, Tina Randa, F. U. Nielsen, Lene Klit (photos) & Mathias Laisbo (Love Money video).
Tracks from ‘1st Takes’ where recorded at Tivoli and at home, produced by Rolli. The Secrets 5 tracks where recorded at Danmarks Radio, engineer was Peter Molander and producer was Henrik Balling, except ‘Love Money (live version)’ which was recorded live in Aaalborg and produced at Danmarks Radio by Peter Molander and Rolli.