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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Microsoft Leaks Windows Mobile oFone Video – The iPhone Killer

Introducing the Windows Mobile oFone, an apex of innovation, originality and revolution. Unlike Apple's iPhone, Microsoft's Windows Mobile oFone has literally reinvented the wheel. The company is a firm believer in this perspective. And nothing will deter it from the "O." Yes, the "O" as in the "O Starts Now" as in the oFone. It has a certain ring to it, get it? Ring? But Microsoft's Windows Vista the "Wow Starts Now" marketing strategy has paid off to such an extent that the approach will be associated with all future major products. The oFone is simply the first step.
You will be able to see a demonstration of the oFone in the video fragment embedded at the bottom of this article. And it's a guarantee that your first reaction will be "Ooo." Microsoft has showcased the oFone at MIX07 in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and the device has blown the audience away. "People will talk about this phone the way they talk about a piece of art. This phone brakes every paradigm that we have ever had. They've done it, they've really done it, they've reinvented the wheel," are some of the modest Microsoft comments describing the oFone.
Some of Microsoft's top designers and developers have been involved in this project...
...and the video is a spoof and the oFone is not real.
This was seized 4 u at Softpedia

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