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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hyperwords - All Text Becomes Interactive

This project has been in the media for a while, The New York Times, Techcrunch, Wired, The Guardian, PC Magazine - you name it have alreaqdy written about it.. When I first checked out Hyperwords, I was indifferent and thinking "one of those unnecessary extensions for the trash bin". As it turns out, Hyperwords is so much more than the traditional context search tool we've gotten to know. Check out the video for a better idea of what Hyperwords can do for you.
Hyperwords has features you want along with features you don't want or like; luckily, it's very configurable so you can turn off any features you're not into without too much trouble.
It makes every word on every page clickable, not just links. Select any text and choose one of the numerous commands:
  • Search engines: including sites, blogs, academic, people, news, pictures and video.
  • References: Wikipedia, Google Books, Wiktionary,, Internet Movie Database, World Factbook, Dictionary, UrbanDictionary, Quotations, Acronymfinder and share price.
  • Translation between numerous languages.
  • Conversions between currencies and other units.
  • Go via Google Lucky, URL and Skype.
  • Copy text plain or with URL.
  • Print page or selection.
  • Shop at 8 Internet shops.
  • Email with your desktop email program or via Gmail & Yahoo! Mail.
  • Tag with 6 different taggers and search.
  • Blog with Blogger and WordPress as well as blog search with Technorati, IceRocket and Clusty.
  • Look up maps, local time, weather and package tracking.
  • Page Information about the page you are looking at including what pages link to it and who owns it.
...all in a single click!
The Firefox extension is the only implementation of Hyperwords at the moment; download it here. Hyperwords functionality is intended to be available on every application on your computer, starting with other web browsers and with email programs later...
Read more at the Hyperwords home.

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