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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Joost Invitation from

If you want a invitation to the Joost Beta program I will try to provide you with one. You should really want to participate and give feedback to the people at Joost and your system has to fulfill the following requirements:
Supported operating systems are Windows XP Service Pack 2 with DirectX 9.0c and Mac OS X 10.4
The minimum hardware requirements are:
Windows: An up to date processor, at least 1GHz, a modern video card with DirectX support and at least 32Mb of VRAM.
Mac: Any Intel-based Mac
Furthermore you will need 512Mb or more RAM and about 500 MB free disk space.
The Joost™ software is a 13 MB download, expanding to 30-35 MB on disk. The remainder is used as a cache. You Internet connection: should be Broadband/ADSL (1Mbit/s downstream, 512Kbit/s upstream recommended, although lower speeds may well work). 1 hour of viewing is 320 Megabytes downloaded and 105 Megabytes uploaded, which means that it will exhaust a 1 Gigabyte cap in 10 hours.
If you meat all requirements use the comment function for this post in order to let me know. I will get back to you if I have an invitation available for you.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Joost - A TV Revolution?

The Swedish Danish connection Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, co-founders of Skype and KaZaA make their 3rd attempt to reface the Internet. This time they aim to revolutionize the way we watch TV with an application called Joost. It's intended to provide the best of both the Internet and TV worlds.
I have the pleasure of testing out the new product (previously named “The Venice Project”) and my first experience was like that: I downloaded and installed it - started it and within a few seconds I was watching television. It took me one hour (or two - or three?) before I remembered that I am a beta tester and that I'm supposed to test the application which is a big compliment to Joost. So I began clicking and exploring the application. It is very straight forward. Joost is first of all an TV application and behaves very much like common Media-Center-Software. It starts in full screen but you can adjust your settings. It is very simple and all controllers behave (more or less - its still in beta) like I expect them to do. Currently, there’s enough content to watch, however there’s not nearly enough content to do a search and actually get meaningful results. The amount of content will grow when Joost goes out of beta invite-only mode, and some big fishes (might) jump in (the folks behind Joost have already made corresponding announcements). Joost has integrated chat and widgets and is designed to allow software developers to create their own plug-ins eventually. The service is free and supported by one minute of targeted advertisements per hour.
My first conclusion: Joost seems not to be a real application revolution but it is really addictive. It seems that groundbreaking innovation has to be simple (like that). I like to watch "TV on demand" via Joost and believe that it has the potential to revolutionize the way we watch TV. For the time being I'm hooked.
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