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Monday, February 06, 2006

Great project - bad communication (or just a moron that just doesn't want to understand)?

Scanning through my usual webplaces I came across an article by Roland Piquepaille at "Emerging Technology Trends". Its about another interesting EU-funded project called VIKEF which means "Virtual Information and Knowledge Environment Framework". Thats my thing - sounds like a great project and I read this posting in order to get an overview but was wondering why the heck it dispite of my positive intention kept non-understandable for me?
After scanning the
VIKEF website I began to realise why. The following is the key message about the project:
"VIKEF bridges the gap between the partly implicit knowledge and information conveyed in scientific and business content resources (e.g. text, speech, images) and the explicit representation of knowledge required for a targeted and effective access, dissemination, sharing, use, and annotation of ICK resources by scientific and business communities and their information- and knowledge-based work processes. R&D; within VIKEF builds on and significantly extends the current Semantic Web efforts by addressing crucial operationalisation and application challenges in building up real-world semantically enriched virtual information and knowledge environments. VIKEF tackles challenges like:
• How to (semi-)automatically build up the tailored ontologies required for semantic annotation from textual and multimedia application content
• How to efficiently link vast amounts of ICK resources to these ontologies
• How to reuse this semantic information to gain added value within KVC applications
• How to consistently handle content-, community, and domain-driven evolution in such environments"

Yes, Roland Piquepaille did in fact a decent job making this project interesting for the masses ;-)
but I am still lost. Does anybody care and makes this project understandable for me?

This was seized 4 u at Emerging Technology Trends & VIKEF

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