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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Skype's VOIP share is shrinking dramatically

One year ago Skype hade a market share of 90% of all VoIP minutes in Europe which according to a study has cut 50%. This study conducted in November and December 2005 is made by Sandvine. The data highlighted the VoIP traffic trends of more than 700,000 broadband households from a group of service providers with over 6 million subscribers. In Europe, service provider-branded VoIP now represents 51.2% of all VoIP minutes, while Skype follows closely behind with 45% of all VoIP minutes. Vonage takes less than 1% share while other third-party VoIP providers represent 3.5% of all minutes. In North America, broadband providers that have rolled out network-wide VoIP deployments are now capturing an average of 81.8% of the VoIP minutes on their own networks. In contrast, the market share in minutes for third-party VoIP providers like Vonage and Skype is 12.9% in such competitive environments. The study indicated that North American service provider-branded VoIP represents 53% of all VoIP minutes on broadband networks. Vonage, with 21.7% share of North American minutes and Skype, with a 14.4% share were the leading third-party providers. All other third-party VoIP providers captured the remaining 10.9% share of minutes. "Broadband provider-branded VoIP is, and will continue to be a key factor in driving revenue growth and triple-play success for service providers," said Boyd Peterson, Senior Vice Presiden Media Research, Yankee Group. “Consumers are clearly embracing the VoIP products offered by broadband service providers in Europe and North America,” said Tom Donnelly, executive VP, marketing and sales for Sandvine.
This was seized 4 u at Sandvine

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