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Monday, February 06, 2006

30 Boxes - The new killer application (or just another webcalendar)

The new calendar 30 Boxes with the motto "It's Your Life" has been released to public beta today. For many reasons the calendar marked seems to be the most (over)crowded target for many new "Web2.0" applications and only a few of them will survive. The question is whether 30 Boxes has what it takes. It seems to have the ingredients to make it to the top within this market. The developers seem quite enthusiastic, their is a broad "undergroundish" fan base and the first public beta is really impressive. I have written a rather critical article about the Spongecell calendar and 30 Boxes is in fact very similar to Spongecell, it even lacks some of the core functionalities like the ability to import a calendar & the drag & drop features. But 30 Boxes also has some unique extras with the ability to share and to integrate rss feeds etc.
The major shortcomings for me are the missing import functions, subscription & email notification (which is a "No Go" for me) but I am sure that this one will improve rapidly.
Why? - I don't know why ;-)

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