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    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Unipage - the "pdf" for webpages

    Unipage is a way to store a complete web page as just one file that you can directly view in a browser. All of the page's images, styling, and even functionality are kept together instead of being scattered in separate files. I have checked it and it workes just fine for me with Firefox & Opera. You get one single file which in fact is smaller then the complete website would be itself, there is no hassle with different files (pictures, flash animations etc.) and you have portable documents. I like that...
    Some browsers are known not to display Unipage files properly. This is simply due to their lack of support for the 'data: URI' standard. A known lack of support is in Internet Explorer versions 6 and below.
    I'm wondering about the name - better Trademark "Unipage™". Searching the web I found dozens of companies & sites called "Unipage" but nothing about The concept is still in an early stage, its a great idea & everyone can participate in the public beta.

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