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    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    The First Spaceflight Tourism Vehicles

    Space Adventures, Ltd. announced to develop a fleet of suborbital spaceflight vehicles for commercial use globally. The joint venture with the Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation (FSA) & Prodea (a private investment firm founded by the Ansari family) will fully develop and provide a set of turnkey operational space tourism systems that include the delivery of several suborbital launch vehicles to multiple global locations.
    The Ansari X Prize inspired and enabled the future of private spaceflights by proving that the necessary technology can be developed commercially," said Eric Anderson, president and CEO of Space Adventures.
    Both Mrs. Ansari and Mr. Anderson agreed, "Our visions for opening the space frontier are completely aligned. This joint venture will enable millions of people to realize their dreams of spaceflight."
    The suborbital space transportation system has been designed by Myasishchev Design Bureau, a leading Russian aerospace organization which has developed a wide-array of high performance aircraft and space systems. Explorer, as it has been named, will have the capacity to transport up to five people to space and is designed to optimize the customer experience of space travel, while maintaining the highest degree of safety.
    "The design plans for Explorer have been perfected over the years and we, at Space Adventures, along with Prodea, have the utmost confidence that this joint venture will enable operations of the world's first commercial suborbital spaceflights," said Mr. Anderson. "After much consideration and examination of the FSA’s plans for suborbital vehicles, given their successful 45-year human spaceflight history and their clear world leadership role in the operations of commercial space activities, I feel completely confident in Explorer. This vehicle is being developed by a group of the most qualified designers and engineers in the world that have the most experience, the highest safety standards and are responsible for the most reliable and longest serving manned spacecraft in the world," said Mrs. Ansari. Additionally, Space Adventures also announced that an agreement had been reached between Space Adventures and FSA which confirms FSA's oversight and supervision in the development process. "As they have demonstrated in many past efforts, the Russian space agency's commitment to this new and pioneering project will expedite its eventual success," said Mr. Anderson.
    This was seized 4 u at Space Adventures

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