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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Quick Polls with dPolls

I came across Israel-based dPolls today. It’s a very quick and easy way to create a well designed, Ajax-rich interactive poll that can be integrated directly into a website.

The service is free. After a quick registration you can create public or private polls, and there is also an option to get the html and place the poll directly on a site. I’ve done this, and have pasted a quick poll below (Note: I am seeing performance issues already - this may get worse before it gets better). After voting, the current results appear within the poll box. Nice tool.

The only problems I encountered: you cannot edit a poll once its been created, so you have to simply start over. Also, the image upload feature doesn’t seem to work.

I believe there are other services that do this as well. Please let me know.

This was seized 4 u at the ajaxian

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Andrew said ... (2/28/2006 09:27:00 PM) :

Vizu is another site that does polls. They are nice because you can tailor the look/size of the poll to match up w/ the feel of your blog.

They also have 2 options for poll code export. JavaScript and HTML. I have each version up on my blog (the JavaScript one on the sidebar and the HTML one in the post titled 24). I prefer the JavaScript version because I think it is slicker, but unfortunately blogger does not allow JavaScript in blogger posts.

Check them out...



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