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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Woman marries dolphin

Sharon Tendler married her boyfriend in a private ceremony in Eilat, Israel. They've been in a relationship for 15 years. Sharon is a human. Her boyfriend, named Cindy, is a dolphin. From the Associated Press:

'It's not a perverted thing. I do love this dolphin. He's the love of my life,' she said Saturday, upon her return to London.

When asked in the past if she had a boyfriend, she would always reply, 'No. I'm going to end up with Cindy.' On Wednesday, she made it official, sort of. While she acknowledged the 'wedding' had no legal bearing she did say it reflected her deep feelings toward the bottlenosed, 35-year-old object of her affection.

'It's not a bad thing. It just something that we did because I love him, but not in the way that you love a man. It's just a pure love that I have for this animal,' she said."

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