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Radi8 History:

The band was founded 1983 in Copenhagen as A Taste Of Red, became the multimedia monster Terminator Ted, reinvented its style as The Magnificent 7, did a turn and was named Radi8. The full story is too long... - we always wanted to be innovative and in every way surprising. That's one reason why Radi8's live performances often extended to mega multicultural events, rather than ordinary pop concerts. The band has and will always function as a more or less open forum. That is to insure that Radi8 always will be upfront, always new, always innovative always...

...but that's History. The project Radi8 is on hiatus for an indefinite time.

You can download two albums 'Alteration' here and 'All You Need' right here. If this is too easy or too cheap 4 u than buy 'Alteration' at iTunes, Amazon, get a hard copy at or just listen to it on Spotify and other streaming services.

You can find a variety of Radi8 videos here.

Radi8 lineup:

Coralie : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Fingers : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Odienne : Lead Vocals (Backing Vocals), Quiregirl : Backing Vocals, Alexandra Wind : Backing Vocals London : Percussion, Peter Jan: Percussion, Pehr Moeller : Lead Guitar (& Fx), Rif : Lead Guitar (& Fx), Sune Reitzel: Lead Guitar, CCRyder: Fx, Rolli: Bass & Fx.

Radi8 Credits:

Rolli, Rif, Cora, Odienne, Else Gu, Pehr Moeller, Klaus Hornbaek, Fingers, Marianne Melskens, Henrik Balling, Tina Randa, F. U. Nielsen, Lene Klit (photos), Ann Susan (band design), CCRyder (producer, singer, stuff, staff and 'Chief Bakerman' !)

All trax were recorded at Tivoli and/or Galleri Project, produced by Rolli & CCryder.

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